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I support your petition. What worries me, that - while the list grew faster and faster - since a day or two, it suddenly stopped growing - well, almost. What happened?

Comment to Kriz:
The MacOS has always been very consistent and easy to use, even for novices. With OS X everything has changed, it just doesn't feel the same anymore, and in my eyes (and many users I know) it is much, much less user-friendly. I used to advice my friends 'Buy a Mac!' I don't do that anymore, I couldn't help them out. Why throw away such a great OS and starting again with a worse OS (in many ways)? The brushed metal again shows that Apple is going a different way: no more 'Power to the People', but 'This year's model'. Next year, they might throw upon us a 'Natural Wood' interface or some other fashionable look.


Get the application "Duality 4 GT" and you can change the look. There are also a lot of skins available including "XP" - BARF!

old skool mac guy

MAN I am so TIRED of whiney bitches complaining about an interface effectation.


The brushed metal looks good. Sounds like you have a case of onlymyopinioncounts-itus. :)


Well, fuck you. You're better living off in Mars if you can't appreciate brushed metal.

Peter da Silva

Man, I am so tired of some graphic artist at Apple tossing off new and exciting screwed up affectations at me, and it doesn't matter whether I use OS X or Windows XP... here comes Quicktime and the Latrine Look. Hey, Apple, why don't you follow anyone's user interface guidelines? I don't see IE on Mac OS throwing XP Crayola at me...

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